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= Playing Greed
Greed is a dice game played among 2 or more players, using 5
six-sided dice.
== Playing Greed
Each player takes a turn consisting of one or more rolls of the dice.
On the first roll of the game, a player rolls all five dice which are
scored according to the following:
Three 1's => 1000 points
Three 6's => 600 points
Three 5's => 500 points
Three 4's => 400 points
Three 3's => 300 points
Three 2's => 200 points
One 1 => 100 points
One 5 => 50 points
A single die can only be counted once in each roll. For example,
a "5" can only count as part of a triplet (contributing to the 500
points) or as a single 50 points, but not both in the same roll.
Example Scoring
Throw Score
--------- ------------------
5 1 3 4 1 50 + 2 * 100 = 250
1 1 1 3 1 1000 + 100 = 1100
2 4 4 5 4 400 + 50 = 450
The dice not contributing to the score are called the non-scoring
dice. "3" and "4" are non-scoring dice in the first example. "3" is
a non-scoring die in the second, and "2" is a non-score die in the
final example.
After a player rolls and the score is calculated, the scoring dice are
removed and the player has the option of rolling again using only the
non-scoring dice. If all of the thrown dice are scoring, then the
player may roll all 5 dice in the next roll.
The player may continue to roll as long as each roll scores points. If
a roll has zero points, then the player loses not only their turn, but
also accumulated score for that turn. If a player decides to stop
rolling before rolling a zero-point roll, then the accumulated points
for the turn is added to his total score.
== Getting "In The Game"
Before a player is allowed to accumulate points, they must get at
least 300 points in a single turn. Once they have achieved 300 points
in a single turn, the points earned in that turn and each following
turn will be counted toward their total score.
== End Game
Once a player reaches 3000 (or more) points, the game enters the final
round where each of the other players gets one more turn. The winner
is the player with the highest score after the final round.
== References
Greed is described on Wikipedia at, however the rules are
a bit different from the rules given here.