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Welcome to the Aavegotchi Contracts!

Aavegotchis are fully onchain NFTs, powered by the ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC998 standards. The contracts also implement the EIP-2535 Diamonds standard, which allows for modular upgradeability.

Aavegotchis are one of the world's first playable NFTs, with onchain attributes that can be increased by interacting with the NFT and the community.

We also have one of the frenliest communities in crypto, so don't hesitate to hop in!

Deployed Contract Addresses

Aavegotchis were born on the Polygon sidechain, and have since been bridged back to Ethereum. Below are the deployed Diamond addresses:

As of 11/24/2022, the ERC1155 NFTs previously located in AavegotchiDiamond (0x869) have been migrated to a separate WearableDiamond.

  • Polygon AavegotchiDiamond Address (ERC721 and storage): 0x86935F11C86623deC8a25696E1C19a8659CbF95d View on Polygonscan

  • Polygon WearableDiamond Address (ERC1155 Items): 0x58de9AaBCaeEC0f69883C94318810ad79Cc6a44f View on Polygonscan

  • Ethereum Diamond Address: 0x1906fd9c4AC440561F7197Da0A4BD2E88DF5fA70 View on Etherscan