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2.0.0 (11/30/2012)

  • Changed the underlying storage from Redis hashes to bitstrings simonkro If you have existing counters stored from version 1.0.0, you can upgrade them with the following method:

      def upgrade_1_2(counter, redis)
        return if redis.type(counter) == "string"
        sketch = redis.hgetall(counter)
        sketch.each{ |key, value| redis.setrange(counter, key.to_i, value.to_i.chr) }
  • Moved main counter implementation from HyperLogLog to the class HyperLogLog::Counter

  • Added HyperLogLog::TimeSeriesCounter a counter type that can estimate cardinalities for all events from a particular point in the past until the present.

1.0.0 (10/26/2012)

  • Changed the underlying storage from Redis sorted sets to Redis hashes. This is a breaking change, if you have existing counters stored from earlier versions of this library, you can upgrade them with something like the following method:

      def upgrade(counter, redis)
        return if redis.type(counter) == "hash"
        values = redis.zrange(counter, 0, -1, {withscores: true})
        values.each { |key, value| redis.hset(counter, key, value.to_i) }
  • Added union_store command, which stores the results of a union for querying or combining with other sets later

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