Streak Client for PHP.. Has all the operations that are done on the Streak Spreadsheet.
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A PHP Based Client for Streak (

Streak is a new GMail Plugin which offers its API services for developers as well. I found no such clients being built for it. Here is a PHP implementation of Streak's services. The codebase is made by keeping Functional Programming Paradigm in mind. There are implementations for the basic operations in streak's API service. Further operations would be added on request.

Usage and Dev Environment

Though Sublime-Text is awesome, but still I prefer using an IDE. Use PHPStorm as it offers super awesome functional coding environment, plus it has some very cool navigation features when it comes to handle multiple files and using them in one another.

However, before using the client, I would suggest reading the API docs so as to understand the functionality of each function.

  1. Clone the repository and open the folder in your favorite editor.
  2. Collective Streak Operations for each section is coded in seperate files.
  3. Browse through the /src folder to see the Streak Methods available.
  4. Use the index.php file to write your own USE CASE operations.

Any additions(tests/improvements) are most welcomed.