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Java APRS Parser Library
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javAPRSlib is a Java library to parse and create APRS packets. APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is a digital amateur radio mode used for broadcasting local tactical information, position tracking and much more.

javAPRSlib is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The aim of the library is to become an easy-to-use APRS backend both for open and for closed APRS applications. If you are using javAPRSlib in your project, please let us know and contribute patches, fixes and improvements.

Usage instructions

When using ant

Just run ant from the project directory. The compiled library is located as bin/javAPRSlib.jar.

When using Eclipse

It's highly recommended that you use the m2e Maven plugin for eclipse. Importing this library as a maven project will create the appropriate build structure. The compiled library is available at target/javAPRSlib-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar (obviously, the version number is subject to change).

When using Maven

Executing 'mvn compile' will build the library, executing 'mvn package' will create a JAR package. All compiled code winds up in the "target" directory.


You can invoke the parser from the command line:

$ PKT="DO1GL-5>APDR11,TCPIP*,qAC,T2SP:=5206.  N/01138.  E$ Georg APRSdroid"
$ java -classpath bin/javAPRSlib.jar net.ab0oo.aprs.parser.Parser $PKT
Packet parsed as a T_UNSPECIFIED
From:  DO1GL-5
To:  APDR11
DTI: =
Valid?  true
=5206.  N/01138.  E$Georg APRSdroid


So far, the following APRS packet types can be decoded and encoded:

  • Position (standard, Mic-E, NMEA)
  • Object
  • Message

Further, it is possible to encode and decode the AX.25 MAC format.


The following people have contributed to javAPRSlib:

  • Matti Aarnio, OH2MQK (original java-aprs-fap code)
  • John Gorkos, AB0OO
  • Georg Lukas, DO1GL
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