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== Phrases

Short description

=== Technical requirements

App was build using:

Rails 2.3.5
Ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-12 patchlevel 174) [universal-darwin10.0]
Gem 1.3.7

The only additional gem is AuthLogic, it is noted as config.gem requirement, so just run

sudo rake gems:install

to install AuthLogic if you do not have one

=== Setup

Copy DB settings

cp config/database.yml.example to config/database.yml

and edit according to your config

then you can run

rake db:create
rake db:rebuild #custom task which makes drop-create-migrate-seed sequence

NOTE: seed.rb contains only limited amount of preloaded languges not to bloat DB, but if you want to
add more - do it in seed.rb in case App has no admin UI

=== How it works

Only registered users can work with the app, so you have to register (requirements: 3-char login and 4-char pass)
During the registration or on account setup page you can select user's default language which will be default for the search

On the index you can see:
 * Search panel
 * Five oldest phrases w/o translations (like a query to translate)
 * Five recent phrases
 * Ten recent translations (including twins)

While partials are heavily reused from any place you can goto entity (Phrase or Translation) editing

==== Search

Search suggestions are highlighted AJAXically (periodically scan changes with 0.5sec frequency)

If your current input is new for current language "Add new phrase" button appears

If you click on "e" link from suggestions you'll go to phrase editing page (with ability to suggest translation)

At any case you can hit Enter and if your phrase is new it'll be created and you'll go to editing page
for this new phrase in other case you'll enter editing page for already existed phrase (both language and input text matter)

Search works similar in all cases, in some cases each row has additional functionality

Search gives form action as a param that why you can pass search results to a controller's action in
pretty the same manner like methods returns smth to their callers

==== Phrases

Phrase can be removed (with all associated Translations)

Phrase show and edit pages are the same

Phrase edit page allows to suggest a translation using Search interface (see above)
The only difference is that you have links to "commit translation" and if you hit Enter App will silently
find match phrase (or create a new one) and redirect you to newly created Translation page

=== Translations

AR has now core functionality to make efficient Phrase-to-Phrase association
So, I've introduced Translation model to work with this associations
The only special thing is that every object has its twin.

This means that if we translate Phrase1(Lang1) to Phrase2(Lang2) we always create
symmetric translation: Phrase2(Lang2) to Phrase1(Lang1)

Twins are created and destroyed together

Translation page contains Translation twin, you can destroy any of them (second will be destroyed automatically)

== Known issues

"e" edit links are sometimes confusing (for translations representation)

Multi-byte phrases was not deeply tested but works at first glance

UI is stuck to string and font sizes in pixels, which is not flexible and can fail on large strings
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