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🐛 Building Performant Animation in Elm
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Elm Animation Exploration


This project is for exploring the idea of doing highly performant animation in Elm with a nice API.

It's presented at Elm-Conf 2019 with the title: Building Highly Performant Animations in Elm

Install all dependencies:

npm install

To run the slide:

npm run slide

and then go to http://localhost:2222

Source code:

To run Caterpillar Animation

Pure Elm Version

npm run slow

Web Animations API Version

npm run fast

Source code:

To run Caterpillar (Pure Elm version)

Sample Animations (Apple animations)

Pure Elm

Source code:

CSS (including experimental library)

Source code:

Web Animations API (including experimental library)

Source code:


This is an experimental project, and doesn't support all types of animation yet. I'm interested to build and publish a more complete package, but I have a limited free time.

If you think this is a good idea and you're interested in collaborating to make this library a published Elm package, reach out to me at:

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