Script to control remote APC UPS from command line
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Another way to manage your APC BACK-UPS HS 500

APC BACK-UPS HS 500 is a nice UPS with remote control via web. It has three sockets and you can set them on, off or reboot with web-interface.

So, I created a script to do it simply from the command line. You can use it in small networks for rebooting remote devices, or anything you can imagine, for example, making toasts :-)

How to config

Please install cURL before using(script works with web-interface of UPS):

sudo apt-get install curl

Change config in shell file - set IP of your device, login and encrypted password. You can encrypt password with webtool in this project.


Also, you can add aliases to inputs to make work with script more comfortable


How to use

Run it with options:

# This is how you can call your device via shell:
./ [--status] [--output1=on,off,reboot] [--output2=on,off,reboot] [--output3=on,off,reboot]

# This will output statuses of outputs
./ --status

# This will reboot device out output1
./ --output1=reboot

# This will reboot server and turn on coffemachine(if you are using aliases)
./ --server=reboot --coffemachine=on

Be awared!

  • Use only letters in password, details on APC Discussion Forums
  • Use Back-UPS HS v1.0.0 Management Tool to assign IP address to your UPS. Unfortunately, it works with Windows 98-XP only, and i don't know if there are possible ways to assign IP via linux/macos/anything else

Another example of using

I use this script to switch routers of internet providers with not stable internet connection. This is how I do this:

# Site to ping
# Count of packets to send

# This will give count of received packets
RECEIVED=`ping -qc $PINGCOUNT $SITE | tail -n 2 | head -n 1 | awk '/[0-9]/ { print $4 }'`

# Now you devide what to do, if all/not all/zero packets received
if [[ -z $RECEIVED ]] || [[ $RECEIVED == "0" ]]; then {
	echo "No internet connection, switching";
	./ inet1=toggle inet2=toggle
elif [[ $RECEIVED -eq $PINGCOUNT ]]; then
	echo "Internet connection is stable.";
	echo "Internet connection is unstable, `echo "100*$RECEIVED/$PINGCOUNT" | bc`% packet loss.";

Just add this script to cron and you will have good internet connection every day :-)


This was developed at by Anton Bagayev in 2011