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NOTE: This plugin is currently unmaintained. If anyone wants to take over work on it let me know!

Minifier for Brackets

Minifies JavaScript and CSS files in Brackets and saves to {filename}.min.{ext} using UglifyJS3 (for JavaScript) and CleanCSS (for CSS).


  1. Run Brackets
  2. Select File > Install Extension...
  3. Enter as Extension URL.
  4. Click Install to begin downloading and installing the extension.

Alternative Installation Method

Clone this repository into ~/Library/Application Support/Brackets/extensions/user/ and restart Brackets.


Single File Minification

To minify a file, use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+M (this will also save the file if there are unsaved changes). You can also minify files on save by checking Minify on Save in the Edit menu.

Project Minification

To minify all JS and CSS files in the current project (and subdirectories), use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+A. You can also set the whole project to be minified on save by going to Edit -> Minifier Preferences and selecting Minify Project on Save. This will minify all the JS and CSS files in the current project when saving any file located in the current project - not necessarily a JS or CSS file. If any file about to be minified has unsaved changes, it will be saved first.

NOTE: To minify the whole project on save you must also check the Minify on Save option in the Edit menu.

NOTE: Files open in the Working Files area that are not located within the current project directory are not considered part of the current project and will not be included in project minification, affected by project minification settings or trigger project minification on save. These files can still be minified using single file minification.

Excluding Files/Directories/Filetypes

You can exclude certain directories and files by entering each directory/file on a new line in the Directories/Files to Exclude from Project Minification area. Excluded directories must include trailing slash! Excluded JS/CSS files or JS/CSS files in excluded directories will not be minified during project minification and will also be ignored during concatenation.

You can also exclude all JS or CSS files from being minified by unchecking either of the Minify JavaScript during Project Minification or Minify CSS during Project Minification options in the Minifier Preferences panel.

NOTE: Concatenated files are always minified whether or not their specific filetype is disabled for minification as described above.

NOTE: Excluded files or files of an excluded directory/filetype can still be minified using single file minification.

Custom Save Directories

To specify custom paths to save minified files to, go to Edit -> Minifier Preferences and enter the desired paths for minified CSS and JS files in the spaces provided. These paths begin at the project root directory.

Leaving a path blank will set the minified files of that type to be saved in the same directory as the original non-minified file.

NOTE: Custom save directories will apply to single file minification (on files within the current project), project minification and concatenated files generated with the concatenation feature.


To enable concatenation, go to Edit -> Minifier Preferences and enter the desired name for your concatenated CSS and/or JS file(s) in the spaces provided in the concatenation section. A blank field will disable concatenation for that type of file (i.e. leaving the name for concatenated CSS file field blank will disable CSS concatenation). Only enter the name of the file without the extension. For example, entering (alljs in the JS concatenated file name field will result in a alljs.js file and alljs.min.js file being created for the raw concatenated file and minified concatenated file respectively). Concatenated files will be saved in the root of the project directory or in the custom save directory if one is specified for that specific file type (CSS or JS).

NOTE: Concatenation only runs during project minification and only applies to files within the current project.

NOTE: Concatenation will ignore files with the same name as the desired name for the output concatenation file and will also ignore files ending in .min.js or .min.css for JS and CSS concatenation respectively.

Minifier Options

You can choose to pass your own set of UglifyJS3 options and/or CleanCSS options by navigating to Edit -> Minifier Preferences and scrolling down to the very bottom.

NOTE: Options must be passed as a valid JSON object.

For example, to disable mangling and compression during JS minification you would enter the following in the UglifyJS3 Options area:

  "mangle": false,
  "compress": false


Minifies and Concatenates JS and CSS in Brackets using UglifyJS3 and CleanCSS








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