A Redmine plugin to search for possible duplicates when users are about to open new issues.
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Did You Mean Plugin

A Redmine plugin to search for possible duplicates when users are about to open new issues. You can find more information on the project wiki: github.com/abahgat/redmine_didyoumean/wiki


  1. Follow the Redmine plugin installation steps at: www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/Plugins

  2. Make sure the plugin installation directory name is redmine_didyoumean

  3. Restart the server (this will ensure that the CSS file and other assets are copied to the right place)

  4. (optional) Configure the plugin by navigating to Administration > Plugins and select the Configure label on the line for Did You Mean?

Searching engines

By default plugin use SQL Engine, but there is available SphinxSearch Engine.

1. Before you switch to Thinking Sphinx you should make sure that SphinxSearch engine was installed
  • sudo apt-get install sphinxsearch

  • Plugin use Thinking Sphinx v3.1.1 and Sphinx should be v2.2.4 or newer.

  • Thinking Sphinx will be installed with bundle commend (was definded in Gemfile)

2. If everything was successfully installed then in your console run(in main Redmine catalog):
  • bundle exec rake ts:index (index your data)

  • bundle exec rake ts:start

  • Choose search method : Administration -> Plugins -> Redmine Did You Mean? -> select Thinking Sphinx Engine.

  • Now possibly duplicated subject's will be searching by Sphinx.

3. If you want stop searching by SphinxSearch Engine in your console run:
  • bundle exec rake ts:stop

  • Switch method in plugin configuration.

Difference between search engines

Main adventages of SphinxSearch is fact that if you set many words to searching this gives you results faster then SQL Engine.

* SQL Engine: Takes words 1:1 if you match 'GUI Changes' this will be looking for “GUI” “Changes”.

* Thinking Sphinx Engine: Firstly search for words 1:1 after this substrac last character ex. like: “Running”

- Firstly "Running" 
- "Runner"
- etc.


This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.

Project help

If you need help you can contact the maintainers on the project page on GitHub (github.com/abahgat/redmine_didyoumean). If you want to report bugs, please open a new issue here: github.com/abahgat/redmine_didyoumean/issues

Please search for duplicates first :P