my spark notebooks
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my spark notebooks

here are a few spark notebooks for trying out the technology. I am running the,m with docker on MAcOS

how to set up (on MacOs):


$ ./

the detailed version

$  docker pull andypetrella/spark-notebook:0.6.3-scala-2.11.7-spark-1.6.1-hadoop-2.7.2-with-hive-with-parquet
  • put your data files into the /data subdirectory (data files are excluded from git to keep them private)
  • start up with:
$ docker run -p 9000:9000 -p 4040-4045:4040-4045 -v `pwd`/data:/opt/docker/data  -v `pwd`/notebooks:/opt/docker/notebooks/mysnb andypetrella/spark-notebook:0.6.3-scala-2.11.7-spark-1.6.1-hadoop-2.7.2-with-hive-with-parquet

With this command you expose the right set of ports (9000, 4040-4045) and mount ./data and ./notebooks folders into the container. You will find your own notebooks in the ./mysnb folder when you open the notebook with the browser on http://localhost:9000 or with

$ open http://localhost:9000