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(module matlab *
(import chicken scheme extras foreign)
(use traversal bind easyffi lolevel define-structure linear-algebra srfi-1 scheme2c-compatibility)
;;; TODO Scheme to matlab conversion and proper matlab function calls
;;; TODO Matlab cell, struct, logical and function
;;; TODO Support for building matlab structures
;;; TODO Support for complex numbers
#include <engine.h>
(define (number->matlab-string n)
(cond ((equal? n +inf.0) "Inf")
((equal? n -inf.0) "-Inf")
(else (number->string n))))
;; The current matlab engine
(define *matlab-engine* #f)
(define *matlab-class-unknown* (foreign-value "mxUNKNOWN_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-cell* (foreign-value "mxCELL_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-struct* (foreign-value "mxSTRUCT_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-logical* (foreign-value "mxLOGICAL_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-char* (foreign-value "mxCHAR_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-double* (foreign-value "mxDOUBLE_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-single* (foreign-value "mxSINGLE_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-int8* (foreign-value "mxINT8_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-uint8* (foreign-value "mxUINT8_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-int16* (foreign-value "mxINT16_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-uint16* (foreign-value "mxUINT16_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-int32* (foreign-value "mxINT32_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-uint32* (foreign-value "mxUINT32_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-int64* (foreign-value "mxINT64_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-uint64* (foreign-value "mxUINT64_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-class-function* (foreign-value "mxFUNCTION_CLASS" int))
(define *matlab-sizeof-mwSize* (foreign-type-size "mwSize"))
;;; Roughly the number of elements a vector can have when sent over
;;; the matlab string interface, anything bigger than this must be
;;; written to a file first; the actual number seems to be close to
;;; 200. I have no idea how to increase the size of the string buffer
;;; that matlab uses
(define *matlab-largest-string* 150)
;;; Matlab engine bindings
(define matlab-start (foreign-lambda c-pointer "engOpen" c-string))
(define matlab-stop (foreign-lambda int "engClose" c-pointer))
(define matlab-variable
(foreign-lambda c-pointer "engGetVariable" c-pointer c-string))
(define matlab-variable-set!
(foreign-lambda int "engPutVariable" c-pointer c-string c-pointer))
(define c-matlab-eval-string (foreign-lambda int "engEvalString" c-pointer c-string))
(define matlab-set-output-buffer
(foreign-lambda int "engOutputBuffer" c-pointer c-pointer int))
(define matlab-set-visible (foreign-lambda int "engSetVisible" c-pointer bool))
(define matlab-get-visible (foreign-lambda int "engGetVisible" c-pointer c-pointer))
(define (matlab-eval-string s) (start-matlab!) (c-matlab-eval-string *matlab-engine* s))
(define (matlab-eval-strings . strings)
(start-matlab!) (for-each (lambda (s) (matlab-eval-string s)) strings))
(define (matlab . strings)
(lambda (matlab-result-string)
(apply matlab-eval-strings strings)
(define *default-matlab-engine-command*
"matlab -nosplash -nodesktop "
(let ((args (getenv "MATLAB_LOCAL_ARGS"))) (if args args ""))))
(define *default-matlab-buffer-size* 5000)
(define (with-matlab-default-engine f)
(with-matlab-engine *default-matlab-engine-command* f))
(define (with-matlab-engine str f)
(set! *matlab-engine* (matlab-start str))
(let ((result (f)))
(matlab-stop *matlab-engine*)
(define (with-matlab-default-output-buffer f)
(with-matlab-output-buffer *default-matlab-buffer-size* f))
(define (with-matlab-output-buffer size f)
(lambda (buffer)
(matlab-set-output-buffer *matlab-engine* buffer size)
(let ((result (f (lambda () (c-string->string buffer)))))
(matlab-set-output-buffer *matlab-engine* (address->pointer 0) 0)
(define (start-matlab!)
(unless *matlab-engine*
(set! *matlab-engine* (matlab-start *default-matlab-engine-command*))))
;;; Matlab MX Array bindings
(define matlab-class-id (foreign-lambda int "mxGetClassID" c-pointer))
(define matlab-class-name (foreign-lambda c-string "mxGetClassName" c-pointer))
(define matlab-array->string (foreign-lambda c-string "mxArrayToString" c-pointer))
(define matlab-calloc (foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxCalloc" int int))
(define matlab-malloc (foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxMalloc" int))
(define matlab-free (foreign-lambda void "mxFree" c-pointer))
(define matlab-make-numeric-matrix
(foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxCreateNumericMatrix" int int int int))
(define matlab-destroy (foreign-lambda void "mxDestroyArray" c-pointer))
(define matlab-nr-rows (foreign-lambda int "mxGetM" c-pointer))
(define matlab-nr-columns (foreign-lambda int "mxGetN" c-pointer))
(define matlab-nr-dimensions
(foreign-lambda int "mxGetNumberOfDimensions" c-pointer))
(define matlab-nr-elements (foreign-lambda int "mxGetNumberOfElements" c-pointer))
(define matlab-dimensions-internal
(foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxGetDimensions" c-pointer))
(define matlab-data-set! (foreign-lambda void "mxSetData" c-pointer c-pointer))
(define matlab-data (foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxGetData" c-pointer))
(define matlab-real-double-data (foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxGetPr" c-pointer))
(define matlab-real-double-data-set!
(foreign-lambda void "mxSetPr" c-pointer c-pointer))
(define matlab-complex-double-data (foreign-lambda c-pointer "mxGetPi" c-pointer))
(define matlab-complex-double-data-set!
(foreign-lambda void "mxSetPi" c-pointer c-pointer))
(define matlab-element-size (foreign-lambda int "mxGetElementSize" c-pointer))
(define matlab-calculate-index-internal
(foreign-lambda int "mxCalcSingleSubscript" c-pointer int c-pointer))
(define (matlab-dimensions matrix)
(c-exact-array->list (matlab-dimensions-internal matrix)
(matlab-nr-dimensions matrix)
(define (matlab-calculate-index matrix array subscripts)
(length subscripts)
(list->c-array array subscripts *matlab-sizeof-mwSize* #f)))
(define (matlab-string? m)
(= *matlab-class-char* (matlab-class-id m)))
(define (matlab-matrix-exact? m)
(eq? (car (matlab-matrix-numeric-type m)) 'exact))
(define (matlab-matrix-inexact? m)
(eq? (car (matlab-matrix-numeric-type m)) 'inexact))
(define (matlab-matrix-signed? m)
(eq? (cadr (matlab-matrix-numeric-type m)) 'signed))
(define (matlab-matrix-unsigned? m)
(eq? (cadr (matlab-matrix-numeric-type m)) 'unsigned))
(define (matlab-matrix-numeric-type m)
(let ((id (matlab-class-id m)))
((or (= *matlab-class-double* id)
(= *matlab-class-single* id))
`(inexact signed))
((or (= *matlab-class-int8* id)
(= *matlab-class-int16* id)
(= *matlab-class-int32* id)
(= *matlab-class-int64* id))
`(exact signed))
((or (= *matlab-class-uint8* id)
(= *matlab-class-uint16* id)
(= *matlab-class-uint32* id)
(= *matlab-class-uint64* id))
`(exact unsigned))
(else '(#f #f)))))
;;; Various handy utilities
(define (matlab-size-ref struct x)
((c-sized-int-ptr-ref *matlab-sizeof-mwSize* #f)
struct (* *matlab-sizeof-mwSize* x)))
(define (matlab-matrix->list matrix signed?)
(vector->list (matlab-matrix->matrix matrix signed?)))
(define (matlab-matrix->matrix matrix signed?)
(let ((size (matlab-element-size matrix)))
(cond ((matlab-matrix-exact? matrix) (matlab-real-double-data matrix))
((matlab-matrix-inexact? matrix) (matlab-real-double-data matrix))
(else (fuck-up)))
(cond ((matlab-matrix-exact? matrix)
(lambda (array nr-elements)
(c-exact-array->vector array size nr-elements signed?)))
((matlab-matrix-inexact? matrix)
(lambda (array nr-elements)
(c-inexact-array->vector array size nr-elements signed?)))
(else (fuck-up)))
(matlab-element-size matrix)
(reverse (matlab-dimensions matrix)))))
(define (matlab-data->vector data get-row element-size dimensions)
((= 1 (length dimensions))
(get-row data (car dimensions)))
((< 1 (length dimensions))
(lambda (n)
(pointer+ data (* n element-size (apply * (cdr dimensions))))
get-row element-size (cdr dimensions)))
(car dimensions))))
(else (fuck-up))))
(define (matlab-list-output t . file)
(if (null? file)
(matlab-matrix-output (list->vector (map list->vector t)))
(matlab-matrix-output (list->vector (map list->vector t)) (car file))))
(define (matlab-matrix-output t . file)
((if (null? file)
(lambda (f) (f #t))
(lambda (f) (call-with-output-file (first file) f)))
(lambda (port)
(let loop ((a t))
(for-each-vector (lambda (a) (if (vector? a)
(begin (loop a) (format port "~%"))
(format port " ~a" (number->matlab-string a))))
(define (scheme-vector->matlab-string v)
(lambda (i e)
", "
(number->matlab-string e)))
(number->matlab-string (vector-ref v 0))
(cdr (vector->list v)))
(define (scheme->matlab! variable s)
;; ((pnm? s)
;; (with-temporary-file
;; (cond ((pbm? s) "matlab.pbm")
;; ((pgm? s) "matlab.pgm")
;; ((ppm? s) "matlab.ppm"))
;; (lambda (f)
;; (write-pnm s f)
;; (matlab-eval-string
;; (format #f "~a=imread('~a');" variable f)))))
((and (matrix? s)
(< (* (matrix-rows s) (matrix-columns s))
(let ((vec (map-vector scheme-vector->matlab-string s)))
(format #f
(lambda (j f) (string-append j "; " f))
(vector-ref vec 0)
(cdr (vector->list vec)))
((and (vector? s) (not (matrix? s))
(< (vector-length s) *matlab-largest-string*))
(format #f
(scheme-vector->matlab-string s))))
((vector? s)
(lambda (f)
(matlab-matrix-output s f)
(format #f "~a = importdata('~a', ' ');" variable f)))))
((list? s)
(scheme->matlab! variable (list->vector s)))
(else (fuck-up))))
(define (matlab->scheme variable-name)
(cond ((or (matlab-matrix-exact? variable-name) (matlab-matrix-inexact? variable-name))
(matlab-matrix->matrix variable-name (matlab-matrix-signed? variable-name)))
((or (matlab-string? variable-name)) (matlab-array->string variable-name))
(else (fuck-up))))
(define (with-matlab-variable var f)
(let* ((x (matlab-variable *matlab-engine* var))
(result (f x)))
(matlab-destroy x)
(define (matlab-get-variable name)
(with-matlab-variable name (lambda (var) (matlab->scheme var))))
(define (matlab-get-double name)
(with-matlab-variable name (lambda (var) (x (x (matlab->scheme var))))))
(define (matlab-save-variables filename . variables)
(format #f "save ~a ~a"
(map (lambda (v) (format #f "~a " v)) variables)
(define (matlab-load-variables filename)
(matlab-eval-string (format #f "load ~a" filename)))
(define (matlab-show-variable name)
(lambda (var)
(format #t "~a is ~a~%" name (matlab->scheme var)))))
(define (matlab-append-to-path directory)
(format "addpath(genpath('~a'))" directory)))