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Authors: Andrea Barisani <andrea@inversepath.com>
         Daniele Bianco <daniele@inversepath.com>

Title:              Practical Exploitation of Embedded Systems
First presentation: October 2012 - HITB

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MBbMZ6M6Vw

- Information -----------------------------------------------------------------

This directory contains a presentation that was developed for the 10th
anniversary of the HITB conference (October 2012).

For the occasion we kept it old school with an in-depth exploration of specific
aspects of reverse engineering and exploitation of embedded systems.

Topics covered (in reverse order because...Inverse Path):
  - The first successful Apple SMC reverse engineering and tampering attempt.

  - Runtime kernel patching.

  - A dissertation on reverse engineering standard and not-so-standard checksum

  - Hardware basics such as identification and probing of debugging and I/O
    ports on undocumented circuit board layouts.