Add age label to VGGFace2 Dataset from IMDB pretrained model
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Add age label to VGGFace2 Dataset from IMDB pretrained model




Estimated Metadata

You can use estimated output below


Estimation Tutorial

Download pretrained model

Download Caffemodel


This script download age estimation model created from IMDB

Caffemodel :

Prototxt :

Download dataset

Download vggface2_test.tar.gz and vggface2_train.tar.gz and identity_meta.csv

Untar downloaded dataset

tar zxvf vggface2_train.tar.gz tar zxvf vggface2_test.tar.gz

This is a expected location

dataset/vggface2/train dataset/vggface2/test dataset/vggface2/identity_meta.csv

Dataset format

identity_meta.csv includes these format

Class_ID, Name, Sample_Num, Flag, Gender

Estimate age


This script add age label to identity_meta.csv

Output file is identity_meta_with_estimated_age.csv

Class_ID, Name, Sample_Num, Flag, Gender, Age

Analyze estimated age


Dataset Detail

Dataset include 9294 person.