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pronuncify - automate incrementally producing word pronunciation recordings for Wiktionary through Wikimedia Commons

##Goal Make it easy to quickly record batches of word pronunciations in Ogg files suitable for upload to Wikimedia Commons on Windows (Visa or newer) machines.

It does so using a .NET app, showing the user a word at a time and recording a 5-second file. Then there is a brief pause, and the next word is shown and recorded. At the end of a run, you have cute new Ogg files ready for upload, and named according to the standard in the Pronunciation page on Commons.

The word list is loaded from a plaintext file. The user can save the remaining words for a later session using the "save word list" button (usually one would overwrite the loaded word-file; otherwise, the next time to tool is run it would load the same unchanged word-file, and would try re-recording words already covered).

Currently, the app only handles ingesting word lists and recording batches of word pronunciations. The resultant Ogg files are just deposited in a specified directory, and it is up to the user to upload them to Commons appropriately (and to keep track of what's been uploaded already; ideally move it away from the output directory once uploaded). In the future, I may implement OAuth-based authentication so that the app would also be able to upload the files on your behalf.

##Download The current release is v0.0.2 and is available here.


To report issues or contribute to the code, see

See also

  • pronuncify, a command-line version of this tool for Linux (and possibly OS X).


The code is in the public domain. See the LICENSE file for details.