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Group Project due 06/05/2015
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#Team Name: ARHM

##Team Members:

  • Abass Bayo:
    -Responsible for: UI + Saving meme, sharing, and exporting
    -Number of hours: 25

  • Rosemary Fermin:
    -Responsible for: UI + customizing dynamic elements of meme
    -Number of hours: 28

  • Hoshiko Oki:
    -Responsible for: UI + call camera app and capturing image, load to image view implementing avery
    -Number of hours: at least 28 -32?

  • Marbella Vidals:
    -Responsible for: UI + implementing gallery/camera roll button and debugging camera and gallery functionality, styling
    -Number of hours: 28


  • See todos in code
  • Save state throughout activity lifecycle (esp. for orientation switch)
  • Add icon launcher
  • Add drag text feature
  • Add different font size, color, set proper font type
  • Review on styling layouts (optimize UI)
  • Choose a meme templates option
  • Shrink text to fit inside Textview as you type
  • Add Splash animation to prior to loading the app
  • Add Edit to gallery and or during templates
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