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To improve mining experience on windows you can turn off error reporting by running regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Error Reporting and changing Disabled, DontShowUI, LoggingDisabled, and DontSendAdditionalData values to 1.

IMPORTANT: When mining in pool modify the stratum port (bat file or when invoking) according to difficulty
lower than 50 MH/s: stratum1+tcp://
50 - 250 MH/s: stratum1+tcp://
greater than 250 MH/s & Hight Diff stratum1+tcp://

For solo mining you need to run a full node.
To do that in windows download and execute in order: newaccount.bat (add new wallet) and then gbas.bat (run full node)
For linux download BNA_solo_linux and run followed by
For complete linux management of a full node see:

For both platforms then download appropriate source and then run progminer -P http://0xadress.rig1@

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