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SHELL := /bin/bash
CONTAINER_NAME = versioner
SYNCER_NAME = syncer
.PHONY: help
help: ## View help information
@grep -E '^[a-zA-Z_-]+:.*?## .*$$' $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":.*?## "}; {printf "\033[36m%-30s\033[0m %s\n", $$1, $$2}'
.PHONY: build
build: ## Build the container to run our commands within a container
docker build -t $(CONTAINER_NAME) -f ./Dockerfile .
.PHONY: build_syncer
build_syncer: ## Build the container that keeps our versions in sync
docker build -t $(SYNCER_NAME) -f ./actions/version_syncer/Dockerfile \
.PHONY: commitlint
commitlint: build ## Verify that commits conform to our standard
docker run \
npm run commitlint
.PHONY: bump
bump: build commitlint ## Update our changelog
docker run \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/.git,dst=/src/.git -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/package.json,dst=/src/package.json -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/package-lock.json,dst=/src/package-lock.json -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/,dst=/src/ -w /src \
npm run version
.PHONY: sync
sync: build_syncer ## Sync versions between package.json and pyproject.toml
docker run \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/package.json,dst=/package.json \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/pyproject.toml,dst=/pyproject.toml \
$(SYNCER_NAME) /package.json /pyproject.toml
git add pyproject.toml
git commit -m "chore: sync package.json version to pyproject.toml version"
.PHONY: version ## Update versions for packages
version: bump sync
.PHONY: unreleased
unreleased: build commitlint ## View unreleased changes
docker run \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/.git,dst=/src/.git,readonly -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/package.json,dst=/src/package.json,readonly -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/package-lock.json,dst=/src/package-lock.json,readonly -w /src \
--mount type=bind,src=`pwd`/,dst=/src/,readonly -w /src \
npm run unreleased
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