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updated README re: examples

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@@ -25,23 +25,23 @@ r sub hak
irb> require 'rsubhak' => true
irb> params={"price"=>"$1,000.00", "nested"=>[{"id"=>"1", "price"=>"$150.00"}], "commit"=>"Save"}
=> {"price"=>"$1,000.00", "nested"=>[{"id"=>"1", "price"=>"$150.00"}], "commit"=>"Save"}
- irb> Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, :price, /[\$,]/, '')
+ irb> Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, 'price', /[\$,]/, '')
=> {"price"=>"1000.00", "nested"=>[{"id"=>"1", "price"=>"150.00"}], "commit"=>"Save"}
To remove or strip any dollar sign or commas:
- Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, :price, /[\$,]/, '')
+ Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, 'price', /[\$,]/, '')
To remove the Euro sign and periods, and then convert commas to periods, thereby going from '€1.000,00' to '1000.00':
- Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, :price, /[€\.]/, '')
- Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, :price, /,/, '.')
+ Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, 'price', /[€\.]/, '')
+ Rsubhak.rsubhak(params, 'price', /,/, '.')
To use it in your Rails project, first add this to your Gemfile:
gem 'rsubhak', :git => 'git://'
-And then in your code, do something like:
+And then in your code, do something like the following. Note that in the Rails app context the hash key may be a symbol.
class YourModel < ActiveRecord::Base
validates :price, numericality: {greater_than_or_equal_to: 0.01}
@@ -56,4 +56,3 @@ And then in your code, do something like:
-Note that the hash key may be a string or symbol.
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