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expect-const uint8 0x42; # B
expect-const uint8 0x4d; # M
expect-value "size" uint32;
expect-value "reserved" uint32;
expect-value "image-data-offset" uint32;
expect-const uint32 40; # size of info header
expect-value "width" uint32;
expect-value "height" uint32;
expect-const uint16 1; # number of color planes
expect-const uint16 24; # bits per pixel
expect-const uint32 0; # no compression
expect-value "image-data-size" uint32; # image data size
expect-value "horizontal-pixel-per-meter" int32;
expect-value "vertical-pixel-per-meter" int32;
expect-const uint32 0; # no color palette
expect-const uint32 0; # no important colors
sequence "row" of-length "height"
sequence "pixel" of-length "width"
expect-value "color" uint8 of-length 3;
expect-const uint16 0; # padding