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MEAN stack application to create and use flashcards
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A simple MEAN stack web application with authentication to create and use flashcards.

Retrieval was created as a full-stack project for General Assembly Seattle's Web Development Immersive.

Too often are we utilizing ineffective study techniques to prepare for an interview or exam. We try to read and re-read material, cramming in as much information as we can. Study approaches such as cramming is ineffectual if long-term retention is your goal.

Active retrieval usings tools like flashcards makes learning stick and will have lasting benefits to understanding the original material.

The act of retrieving learning from memory has two profound benefits. One, it tells you what you know and don’t know, and therefore where to focus further study to improve the areas where you’re weak. Two, recalling what you have learned causes your brain to reconsolidate the memory, which strengthens its connections to what you already know and makes it easier for you to recall in the future. - Peter C. Brown Make It Stick

Technologies Used

  • Express/Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Mongoose for MongoDB
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku
  • ng-Lettering.js


  • npm install
    • Node Modules: bcrypt, body-parser, express, express-jwt, jsonwebtoken, mongoose, mongoose-validator, ng-smooth-scroll, node-mongo-seeds

Approach Taken

Started off brainstorming design ideas with wireframes and entity relationship diagrams (ERDs). From there, I built a basic skeleton of the app, setting up the backend using Express/Node.js as well as creating my own API to be called to the front-end. After that, worked on building out the front-end using AngularJS and lastly polishing up the site with SASS.

User Stories

  • As a user I can view existing flashcards and search by keyword and filter by category
  • After a successful login, I can create, update and/or delete flashcards


Retrieval Screenshot 1

Retrieval Screenshot 2

Retrieval Screenshot 3

Mobile Screenshot

Retrieval Mobile Screenshot

Features to be Added

  • *UPDATED 1/4/16: now with responsive design
  • Add relationships/restrictions between created cards and CurrentUser
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