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A.A. Kressner, D.V. Anderson, and C.J. Rozell. Evaluating the generalization of
the Hearing Aid Speech Quality Index (HASQI). IEEE Transactions in Audio,
Speech and Language Processing, 2012.
Since I do not have permission to share the code and data I obtained from
other researchers, this repository does NOT contain the following:
(1) the code for computing the benchmarking objective measures (obtained from
Philip Loizou)
(2) the code for HASQI (obtained from James Kates)
Note: KatesModel.patch summarizes changes I made to Kates's code
(3) the code for the Carney/Bruce model (obtained from Ian Bruce)
(4) the speech files and corresponding subjective ratings (obtained from Yi Hu)
You will need to install the MATLAB files at
as well.
See notes/hasqi028.txt for details on how I ran the data through the model.
See notes/hasqi034.m and notes/hasqi037.m for details on the analysis and
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