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WalkMe Mobile increases in-app engagement and revenues - automatically. WalkMe’s technology learns and understands user usage behavior, identifies the users "happy moments" and acts upon them in real time.

WalkMe iOS SDK

A Simple SDK that allows anyone to create and manage in-app content without coding and without deployment, to maximize in-app user engagement.

How it works

  • Install the WalkMe Mobile SDK, no work and setup required.
  • WalkMe’s technology understands your users and targets them at the right time and place.
  • Create in app content including interactive Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, Launchers and Web Resources.
  • Launch and analyze in-app content in seconds, no need for app store approval.


With CocoaPods, add to your Podfile

pod 'abbi'

Open your project directory in terminal and run

$ pod install

In order to update with the lastest Abbi SDK, run

$ pod update



Commercial Software