The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac
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PostgresHelper.entitlements is the easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac. Open the app, and you have a PostgreSQL server ready and awaiting new connections. Close the app, and the server shuts down. will be distributed through the Mac App Store, with a separate build containing the latest PostgreSQL beta available for direct download from the website.


You can download the latest build from the website


Documentation is available at, as well as from the "Open Documentation" menu item in

What's Included?

How To Build

  1. Open Postgres.xcodeproj in Xcode
  2. Select the "Postgres Binaries" scheme, and build by clicking "Run", or using the keyboard shortcut, ⌘B.
  3. Optionally, Select the "Postgres Extensions" scheme, and build in the same manner.
  4. Once the binaries are finished building, select the "Postgres Mac Application" scheme, and build & run by clicking "Run", or using the keyboard shortcut, ⌘R.

Under the Hood bundles the PostgreSQL binaries as auxiliary executables. An XPC service manages postgres processes, which are terminated when the app is quit.

The database data directory is located in the /var directory of the Container's Application Support directory. When the app is launched, it checks for "PG_VERSION" in the directory. If it does not exist, initdb is run, and later, createdb to create a default database for the current user.


Mattt Thompson

License is released under the PostgreSQL License. See LICENSE for additional information.