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Community Resources is a full stack application that uses Community Resource Information from
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Community Resources

Community Resources is a full stack application that uses Community Resource Information from

When someone is hurting and needs help, your struggle shouldn't be against technology. What would happen if the data was cleaned up so that it could be presented in a gentle and shareable way?

Less struggle with technology gives you more time to be present, listen, and lend a hand. ❤️


Updates are being added to my '100 Days of Code' post.

Quick glance:

  • Create database & import data from CSV format
  • Cleanup data (In progress)
  • Create API endpoints
  • Wireframe front end
  • Create front end
  • Build out views

Tech/framework used

Currently built with:


// TODO: Verify instructions work with a fresh install. Add additional info about versions.



File Setup

  • Clone the project down and open using your favorite editor (VSCode is great)
  • In community-api, make a copy of .env.example and rename to .env.

After you've created your database, return to this section:

  • Browse to the database section (where variables begin with DB_)

MAMP Setup

  • After installing MAMP, open the program. (While Pro is wonderful, you can use the free version just fine for this project)
  • Select MAMP > Preferences from the toolbar
  • Select the 'Ports' tab
    • Apache Port: 80
    • Nginx Port: 81
    • MySQL Port: 3306
  • Select the 'Web Server' tab
    • Change the document root to YOURPATH/community-resource-center/community-api/public
  • Start the server: 'Start Servers'
  • then 'Open WebStart page'

Create the Database

  • From the WebStart page, scroll down to 'phpMyAdmin'
  • Open 'phpMyAdmin'
  • Select 'Databases' from the top tab bar
  • Under create database, give your database a name. Example: community-api
  • and click the 'Create' button
  • Add your new values to your .env file. See instructions in File Setup above.

API Installations

  • Inside the community_api folder, run:
    • composer install to install the back-end packages
    • php artisan passport:install for oauth public key

Migrations & Seeding A copy of the open data is included in the repo. To get the data into your database, run:

  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed


MIT © Abby Fleming

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