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Graceful localStorage
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First In First Out accounting for JavaScript localStorage.


localStorage doesn't have an unlimited amount of space, and just throws an error when you try to save to it when its full. fifo gracefully handles saving data to localStorage: when you run out of room it simply removes the earliest item(s) saved and sends them to a callback giving you the option to do something with them.

Additionally, fifo also stores all of your key:value pairs on one key in localStorage for better performance.


// create a collection stored on `tasks` key in localStorage
var collection = fifo('tasks');

// set an item
collection.set('task:2', 'close two tickets', function(removedItems){
  // only if `localStorage` is out of room, this function will be called
  // removedItems is an array of items that look something like this
  // [{key: 'task:1', value: 'some task value stored a long time ago'}]
  // Each item is an object with properties `key` and `value`

// retrieve an item
var storedTask = collection.get('task:1'); //> 'close two tickets'

// retrieve all items by sending no arguments to get
var tasks = collection.get();

// remove an item

// empty an entire collection

// set any JavaScript object, don't have to JSON.parse or JSON.stringify
// yourself when setting and getting.
collection.set('task:2', { due: 'sunday', task: 'go to church' });
collection.set('whatevz', [1,2,3]);

Browser Support

fifo assumes the browser has localStorage and JSON. This is not a localStorage shim.


The fifo source is written in coffeescript (like wearing stretchy pants when you become a man, it's for fun), you can install it by running npm install . from the root of this repository. Also, run ./watch to have the coffeescript automatically compile as you save.

Test by opening test.html in a browser.


MIT-Style license

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