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Dean's AVR Tutorials


These are a collection of tutorials I've written, in LaTeX format. These cover a range of Atmel AVR related concepts, intended to teach people how to, for example, use the hardware timers on the Atmel AVR 8-bit series of microcontrollers. Pregenerated PDFs are available for easy download and distribution.

Regenerating the PDFs

I use MikTex to generate PDFs from the LaTeX source on my Windows machine, however any LaTeX distribution should work. Run make from the root directory to regenerate the PDFs for each tutorial, or run make from inside a tutorial's directory to generate the PDF output of that tutorial only.


Contributions welcome! Please file issues, or make pull requests, if you find something that could be improved or is incorrect in any of these tutorials.


See the raw Preface text for the exact license conditions, but the overall intention is that these tutorials are to reach as many people as possible, for free. Translations into other languages are welcome!