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Data Life

Here I am man-in-the-middling myself and analysing the results.

This repository contains some of the code written to record and analyse HTTP requests from my phone and laptop as part of a project for ABC News.

I wanted to find out in great detail what kinds of data my devices were sharing about me without my knowledge.

The project uses mitmproxy to do most of the heavy lifting.


The server folder contains code that packages the setup into Docker images. Doing it this way is mostly for reproducibility and so I don't have to deal with python dependencies locally. Blowing it all away and starting again should be simple.

Check out server/ for more details.


The analysis folder contains (mostly) R code for analysing the data recorded by the proxy.

Check out analysis/ for more details.


The scripts folder is mostly a collection of bash scripts I've used to get the data out of the docker containers. They probably won't just run. They're mostly there so I don't have to remember all the individual commands I ran.

Check out scripts/ for more details.

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