Stationwagon is a Fuel-powered blog application.
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Stationwagon is a Fuel-powered blog application. The purpose of this application is to allow FuelPHP beginners to see how things work by providing real and working examples.


Downloading Stationwagon

You can download Stationwagon right away from the Downloads area.

Cloning Stationwagon

git clone git://


After cloning or downloading Stationwagon using the steps above, you will do a few things to get Stationwagon up and running:

  • Import the database.sql to your database
  • Change the database details in /fuel/app/config/db.php
  • Change the table name in /fuel/packages/auth/config/simpleauth.php 'table_name' => 'users'
  • That's it!

If you want to use mod_rewrite, do the following changes in /fuel/app/config/config.php:

'index_file' => false,


Stationwagon is full of examples and is updated regularly with the latest Fuel changes.

There are a lot of examples on these classes:

  • Orm
  • Auth
  • Pagination
  • Validation
  • and a lot more!


If you are interested in adding more features to Stationwagon, fork the repository and make sure you make a pull request after you pushed changes to your Stationwagon fork.

To report any bugs or problems, create a new issue here in our GitHub repository.