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## Cloning Stationwagon
- git clone git://
+ git clone git://
## Installation
After cloning or downloading Stationwagon using the steps above, you will do a few things to get Stationwagon up and running:
-- Import the **database.sql** to your database [1]
+- Import the **database.sql** to your database
- Change the database details in */fuel/app/config/db.php*
- Change the table name in */fuel/packages/auth/config/simpleauth.php*
'table_name' => 'users'
- That's it!
If you want to use mod_rewrite, do the following changes in */fuel/app/config/config.php*:
- 'index_file' => false,
+ 'index_file' => false,
-h2. Learning
+## Learning
Stationwagon is full of examples and is updated regularly with the latest Fuel changes.
There are a lot of examples on these classes:
- Orm
- Auth
- Pagination
- Validation
- and a lot more!
-h2. Contribute
+## Contribute
If you are interested in adding more features to Stationwagon, fork the repository and make sure you make a pull request after you pushed changes to your Stationwagon fork.
To report any bugs or problems, create a new issue here in our GitHub repository.
-[1]: Make sure your existing tables match the current **database.sql**

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