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A very simple Blog with Admin Panel built using Laravel5.7 && VueJs2.5 - Quasar0.17
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- A very simple Blog with Admin Panel built using [Laravel5.7, VueJs2.5, Quasar0.17].

- This is kind of implementation on different concepts in web development.

- Feel free to copy, read, fork, or whatever you want.


- The repository consists of 3 main directories with 3 applications.

▶️ backend directory:

- Contains the REST API, where you can find implementation for different concepts like:

  • Authentication using jwt-auth.
  • Authorization using policies and gates.
  • Repository Pattern to split the database logic from the business logic.
  • Uploading and manipulate images using intervention/image.
  • Upload post with many images as the body of the post.
  • Using laravel-websocket to create a simple real time chat application.
  • Unit testing [soon - contributions are welcomed].

If you are using postman, you can use the collection ./dev/requirements/Q-Blog.postman_collection.json

▶️ blog and admin-panel directories:

- Contains the public site and the admin panel apps.

- Here you can find implementation for different concepts like:

  • State management pattern using Vuex.
  • Authentication using vue-auth [handling refresh token not completed - contributions are welcomed].
  • Talk to the API using axios.
  • Using Vue single-file-components.
  • WYSIWYG Editor using jodit.
  • Implementing laravel gates and policies in SPA.

- The public site was built using quasar.

- You can find the Installation steps here.

- The default user credentials are:

let userCredentials = {
  email: '',
  password: 111111

Happy Coding 🙂.

Database Diagram:









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If you have any question, contact me via my email:

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