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Hardiness Map Viewer

  • Single Page Hardiness Map Viewer for the US.
  • Use the slider to choose between hardiness map projections for 2041, 2070, 2099.
  • Type plant name or hardiness zone to find it.
  • Map Link:
  • How to use: Link


The regression / interpolation techniques were followed from:

Köppen-Geiger climate classification was used to apply regression on areas with contiguous climate pattern.

netCDF data from NEX-DCP30 Tasmin average of coldest month of the year were averaged at 30 years intervals prior to 2012 and to each predicted hardiness map year: 2041, 2070, 2099.

A Node.js script was used to collect and clean plant hardiness data from the National Gardening Assiciation Plantfinder tool.

Datasets used:

Set up:

At the root directory:

npm install

sudo node server.js