A template repository for running flows on the OpenROAD platform cloud
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Flow @ OpenROAD Template Design

This repo is a template for running a flow on the OpenROAD cloud platform. In order to be able to run the flow autonomously, follow these steps:

  1. Fork this repo to your user account
  2. Rename the repo to the name of your design
  3. Go to Settings -> Webhooks -> Add webhook. In the Payload URL, enter: https://flow.theopenroadproject.org/api/github/design and in the Content Type, choose application/json. Then, click the green button Add webhook.
  4. Upload your design files in the design folder.
  5. Edit the openroad-flow.yml. Comments in the file will help you follow the steps.

What are web hooks?

A web hook is a trigger that the repo sends to OpenROAD platform to inform it that there is a new version of the repo commited (and pushed). Once a trigger received, OpenROAD platform will pull the latest version of the repo and run the flow using the parameters in openroad-flow.yml file.

What is openroad-flow.yml file?

The openroad-flow.yml file tells OpenROAD cloud runners what configurations and parameters to use, given the input design. For example, what software packages to use and what libraries to build for.