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##Repositories Maker##

Repository pattern is an abstraction layer for your models.

Instead of writing tones of duplicated queries in your controllers.

You can make a repository that has a readable name and implements an interface(for changing the dependencies later) and bind the repository with it`s interface using the IOC container. Looks like lots of work to be done .....

Repositories Maker makes this process as easy as typing one artisan command.

1.Go to your laravel project root and type

composer require abdelrahmanrafaat/repositories-maker:dev-master need to register the package service provider .. Go to config/app.php and add this line to the end of the providers array. Abdelrahmanrafaat\RepositoriesMaker\Provider\RepositoriesMakerServiceProvider::class

3.This command should add a new command to your artisan list .. make:repositories

4.This Command Assumes that your models are at at app directory and extends Model class , but of course you can change this options as i will explain later.

php artisan make:repositories

This artisan command if you add --help to the end of it you will get the some options.

  • --parent : Specify the parent class of your models (Only the class base name not the full name space) or you can leave it blank if your models don`t extend a parent class or they extend different parent classes.

  • --directory : Directory that contains your models starting from the project root directory (this option can`t start with / Or ****).

  • --nestedDirectories : boolean option(false by default) indicates if your models are in nested directories.

  • --except : Comma seperated list of models that you don`t want to generate a repositories for.

  • --only : create repositories only for this Comma seperated list of models.

Note :

  • except and only options don`t work togther you need to specifiy one of them.
  • except and only model names are (class base name not the full name space)

5.If you run the command it will generate the repositories and interfaces in app\Repositories and RepositoriesServiceProvider in the app\Provider and the terminal will output the names of generated files.

6-you need to register the RepositoriesServiceProvider .. Go to config/app.php and add this line to the end of the providers array(make sure you change App if you have different namespace for your application).



Now you are good to go , you can go to any class that has automatic resolution (controller , event , command ..) and type-hint the repository interface , and you will get a repository that has an instance of it`s model.

Happy coding ..


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