Training a CNN from scratch for melanoma detection using Keras
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Training a CNN From Scratch for Melanoma Detection Using Keras

Before running the code, make sure that you structure the data as follows (the numbers represent the number of images in each file):

alt text

You can download the data from, here.

To run the code:

$ python

The results will not be optimal, as the purpose is to show how one can train a CNN from scratch.

What variables to edit in the code?

You need to edit the following variables to point to your data:

train_directory (path to your training directory)

validation_directory (path to your training directory)

test_directory (path to your testing directory)

What should you expect (outputs)?

Training and validation accuracy

Training and validation loss

Test accuracy

This will be a value. In my case, the test accuracy was around 77.1%.

ROC curve

In addition to some other values (i.e. confusion matrix) that will be displayed on the console.