A list of hackathons I have attended.
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I have attended 36 hackathons and game jams. 20 as a participant, 10 as a mentor/volunteer and organised 6. Here is a list of of them:

Name Role Info
Global Game Jam '16 Jammer This was a game jam that was hosted at my university. For this jam I worked on a simple iOS Simon says game
HackLondon Hacker This was my first hackathon. I have written a blog post about my experiences.
HackSussex Hacker I made my winning WWDC scholarship app at this hackathon, read more about the app and what else I got up to that summer in my blog post.
AnvilHack II Hacker At this hackathon my team and I built GiffaTweet, a web app that ran sentiment analysis on tweets and displayed relevant gifs.
Castle Game Jam '16 Volunteer Castle Game Jam was held in Örebro Castle in Sweden over a week.
Zoo Hackathon Volunteer Amazing volunteering experience, also got to spend time in the zoo!
Hackference Volunteer This hackathon followed a very informative conference day. Sadly it is the last...
AstonHack Hacker I enjoyed being back in Birmingham again. Lots of Geese everywhere, including the hacks!
OxfordHack Hacker Magical weekend at Oxford, my team's hack was a CDN called Project Cambridge built with AWS and Node.Js.
HackKings Volunteer As well as volunteering, I had the opportunity to take 4 students to their first hackathon!
Local Hack Day '16 Organiser This was the first hackathon I organised. I also ran an Android workshop. Pictures from the event.
Porticode Mentor It was great to help people with coding issues over the weekend. I also took some time to take a look at server side Swift
Hack the Holidays Hacker For this holiday themed hackathon my team and I created a hotline to call to determine whether a song is Christmas theme or not.
Global Game Jam '17 Organiser I was very impressed with the quality of games that came out of out game jam. I feel privileged to have been able to give students the opportunity to collaborate over the weekend. Games available here
Durhack Hacker This weekend was spent familiarising myself with the CocoaPods package manager as well as running my introduction to iOS and Android workshops back-to-back!. I also enjoyed being so far north and meeting the only Uber driver in Durham, Russell!
ICHack '17 Hacker ICHack great! I helped a society member build a simple Pusher demonstration in Android as well as applying and preparing for internships.
HackUPC Winter '17 Hacker This was my first trip to Barcelona! Had fun exploring before and after the hackathon. During the hackathon my team and I built a gif library.
StudentHack V Volunteer I travelled up to Manchester with 7 other society members to help out the StudentHack team run an awesome hack.
HackTheBurgh '17 Hacker HTB was a great hackathon in an awesome city. I hacked my coursework this weekend.
HackCity '17 Organiser This was my first experience organising a 24 hour hackathon. Was fun and tiring, amazing to see everyones hacks at the end. We even had hackers from Edinburgh and France! I also had time to run my beginner iOS workshop
MLH Prime Volunteer MLH Prime was held at Bloomberg LP's amazing London office. As well as helping out when needed, I ran my iOS workshop for attendees.
AnvilHack III Hacker It was great being back at AnvilHack. This time my team and I built a version of flappy bird that you controlled with your voice through a Twilio conference call. We won the prize for the best use of AWS.
UKGovHack Hacker Worked on my Starling Bank Menu Bar app
Zoo Hackathon '17 Volunteer Returned to the Zoo this year to lend a hand.
HackUPC Fall '17 Hacker My team and I worked on Koh. It is a twitter bot that puts your face on a funny stock image.
Hackference '17 Hacker Was great to return to the final hackfernce again. I started work on HubBub. A GitHub app that does push notifications to help with the Campus Experts Training
Porticode 2.0 Mentor Got to return to Porticode as a mentor and help people over the weekend. I also ran a workshop about making contributions on GitHub.
AstonHack 3 Hacker Spent the weekend 3D printing and learning quite a bit about dinosaurs.
Junction 2017 Hacker Great to visit Helsinki and spend some time exploring. During the hackathon we built a Spotify jukebox on the Ethereum blockchain network.
Local Hack Day '17 Organiser Was good to see some new society committee members run their first hackathon and see lots of new hackers get started!
Royal Hackaway Mentor Great to see a new london hack start up. I was around to run my API workshop using Glitch.
Global Game Jam '18 Organiser This was my 3rd GGJ at City now, lots of new faces and awesome games. Games available here
HackCity '18 Organiser HackCity was back again in 2018. This time I let the new team of organisers take charge in delivering the event and made myself available for questions. The event was well recieved, we has hackers come from all over the UK as well as Barcelona this year, upped our swag game and used a new space within the Uni.
HackCU IV Hacker This was my first US hackathon. Boulder was alright (a bit more than that). Had time to go for a sunrise hike and go on a mini road trip. I was tricked into working on a blockchain hack again.
HackSurrey Beta Hacker Headed down to the Univeristy of Surrey for their first hackathon!
Utillity Week Live Hack Hacker Worked on projects to help utilities identify and support vulnerable customers.

Please feel free to fork this repo and start your own list! If you need any help tweet me: @abdulajet