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#Quran on Flask

This tutorial renders the Quranic text through a flask framework for illustrative purposes.


The read me file creation


establish the basic framework.

Display 'hello world' at the root address

also, display the url to listen on all ports '', in my case the link is



added a new route (/chapter/verse) with a mock message

#v0.4 - working solution

This version does a significant improvement over the last version.

It brought the Quranic text from http://tanzil.net/download/

It then created a new py file called q.py which contans Q class to load the Quran into a dictionary and a function within this class to return a verse given its number.

#v0.5 - templates

Here I created templates folder and made two templates.

Note the special handling of utf-8 unicode in the main quran.py file.

#v0.6 - Error handlind

created QError class in q.py and made necessary adjustment in the main quran.py file

also, added a license file

#v0.7 - Display Surah

I have introduced a new URL route (/chapter) which will allow users to enter a sura number and the whole sura will be displayed. In order to do that, I had to change the data type of the Quran into an OrderedDict. Also a new template is created.

#v0.8 - CSS and Arabic Font

replaced the simple quran text file with Uthmani scripts from the tanzil.net project.

some final touches to render Arabic fonts in google's Droid Kufi style and bigger font size.. also, the text direction is changed to right-to-left

also adjusted the error messages properly.


app released on heroku http://protected-ocean-1734.herokuapp.com/