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Android code for camera like Snpachat
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Snapchat Like Camera in Android

Recently, while working on one of my projects, I was required to develop a camera similar to Snapchat camera. It took me a few weeks to develop it and now I decided to share it with others so anyone looking to build something similar can get help from my code.


  • Camera button: tap to capture image. Hold to record video of max limit 10 seconds.
  • Flash control button.
  • Camera switch button: to switch between front and back cameras.
  • Stickers: you can add stickers to your photos and videos. Place stickers anywhere on camera preview and adjust their sizes accordingly.
  • Add Text: similar to stickers, you can also add text to images and videos and change its font colour.
  • Save media: you can also save images and videos to your device.
  • Upload: there is a button to upload images to web. However server side programming needs to be done.

Here is how end result will look like:

I hope that my code will be useful to you for your projects. If you don’t understand any think feel free to contact me.

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