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go-here is a Go client library for the HERE API. HERE provides location based services. HERE exposes rest APIs and this library is intended to make it even easier for Go programmers to use. Check the usage section or try the examples to see how to access the HERE API.


    • Routing
    • Geocoding
    • Reverse Geocoding
    • Geocoding Autocomplete
    • Places

Will add rest of the apis in time and all contributions are welcome.


go get

To install go-here and it's dependencies with a single line

go get -t


Read GoDoc


The here package provides a Client for accessing the HERE API and each API service requires an AppID and AppKey. Here are some example requests.

var httpClient = &http.Client{
    Timeout: time.Second * 15,
// Routing client
routingClient := here.NewRoutingClient(httpClient)
routingParams := routingClient.Routing.CreateRoutingParams([2]float32{52.5160, 13.3779}, [2]float32{52.5206, 13.3862}, "appID", []here.Enum{here.RouteMode.Fastest, here.RouteMode.Car, here.RouteMode.TrafficDefault})
routes, httpResponse, err := routingClient.Routing.Route(&routingParams)

// Finding Address in boundingbox
geocodingClient := here.NewGeocodingClient(httpClient)
addressBoundingBoxParams := here.AddressInBoundingBoxParameters{SearchText: "1 main", MapView: geocodingClient.Geocoding.CreateMapView([2]float32{42.3902, -71.1293}, [2]float32{42.3312, -71.0228}), Gen: 9, APIKey: "appKey"}
geocodingResponse, httpResponse, err := geocodingClient.Geocoding.AddressInBoundingBox(&addressBoundingBoxParams)

// Partial address information
partialAddressInformationParams := here.PartialAddressInformationParameters{HouseNumber: 425, Street: "randolph", City: "chicago", Country: "usa", Gen: 9, APIKey: "apiKey"}
geocodingResponse, httpResponse, err = geocodingClient.Geocoding.PartialAddressInformation(&partialAddressInformationParams)

// Reverse geocoding for address details
reverseGeocodingClient := here.NewReverseGeocodingClient(httpClient)
locationParameters := reverseGeocodingClient.ReverseGeocoding.CreateAddressFromLocationParameters([2]float32{42.3902, -71.1293}, 250, here.ReverseGeocodingMode.RetrieveAddresses, 1, 9, "apiKey")
geocodingResponse, httpResponse, err = reverseGeocodingClient.ReverseGeocoding.AddressFromLocation(&locationParameters)

// Reverse geocoding for landmark details
landmarkParameters := reverseGeocodingClient.ReverseGeocoding.CreateLandmarksParameters([2]float32{42.3902, -71.1293}, 1, 9, "apiKey")
geocodingResponse, httpResponse, err = reverseGeocodingClient.ReverseGeocoding.Landmarks(&landmarkParameters)

// Complete location details
autocompleteGeocodingClient := here.NewAutocompleteGeocodingClient(httpClient)
suggestionsParameters := autocompleteGeocodingClient.AutocompleteGeocoding.CreateDetailsForSuggestionParameters("Pariser 1 Berl", "apiKey")
autocompleteGeocodingResponse, httpResponse, err := autocompleteGeocodingClient.AutocompleteGeocoding.DetailsForSuggestion(&suggestionsParameters)


  • Add new clients for other endpoints.
  • Use parameter structs on functions.


MIT License