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McGill University Map for Directions
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McGill Tour

Link to Web application:

This is a personal project that I worked on using leaflet maps. The website can find the shortest path between two building on McGill University Campus. I am using Dijkstra Algorithm to find the shortest Path. Building (points) and paths (edges) are all defined in geojson format.

Technologies used to develop

  1. Flask
  2. Leaflet
  3. Git
  5. Atom
  6. Digital Ocean (Hosting platform)

My Digital Ocean referral link :

Note: Everyone I refer gets $100 in credit over 60 days. Once you have spent $25 with Digital Ocean, I'll get $25. Help this poor student out :D

Programming Language

  1. Python
  2. html
  3. javascript
  4. CSS


  1. turf.js
  2. leaflet.js
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