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Counting people, dog and bicycle using SSD detection and tracking.
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This project is under development.

Updated on 16 Nov 2018

What Can it do right now?

Detection, Tracking and Counting.

I want to see a video of the output.

Here is a link.

How fast is it?

I am getting between 20 to 37 FPS on M60 GPU. Here is a link to some tests I conducted.

What will it be able to do when it is done?

Detection, tracking and counting of people, dogs and bicycles.

When will it be done?

End of 2018 Summer. :)

I cant wait for the installation documentation, tell me what I need to install!

Install CUDA and CUDNN
Install caffe using cmake,
Install opencv3.3.1
and run my project.
Or shoot me a message :)

How are you making all this work?

  1. I am using tracking implementation from Multitarget-tracker
  2. I am using caffe for running SSD detection.
  3. I will be implementing my own version of counting.

Can you provide installation and implementation documentation?

Here is the link.

Bro, you are awesome!!!

I know :)

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