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Sources and generation code for my blog.
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Sources and generation code for the blog at

The project is tailored for my blogging process and the legacy of content that I accumulated in the years.

All rights are reserved for the content of this blog. You can use the generation scripts as you wish.


First you need to install all the dependencies. Assuming, you use virtualenv:

virtualenv -p `which python3` venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, to build site and run it interactively (with Jinja2 server) make dev. Jinja will run with hot reloading, so templates could be edited on-the-fly.

To publish: make pub, which will create a build folder, generate all content there and upload to AWS S3. It assumes, there is an profile configured.

Laundry list

Github doesn’t render org-mode files nicely, so this section might look really messy from the web browser.

Things left to do:

CANCELLED Next item for non story


Add atom feed

Make all links in site feed absolute

Code highlight

Add alternate urls

Get all the pages

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