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Lokad.CQRS is a .NET framework and a set of guidance materials for building distributed and scalable applications to be run on-premises or in the cloud. This project helps to design and develop decoupled systems locally and bring them to the distributed environments later.

Check out the introductory homepage (preserved by the web archive).

Case studies

It was also used at SkuVault as a platform for the business. However, there it was eventually replaced with a different design capable of scaling above 1B events and TBs of data. MessageVault is currently the heart of this new approach.

CQRS Community around the world

Check out the CQRS Community around the world to learn, share or simply hang out.


There is a final retrospective of the framework. Although it enables starting the business and delivering the business value to the customers, long-term growth will encounter certain scalability and complexity bottlenecks.