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Cloud-Based IFTTT Task Automation Service for macOS.
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 macOS IFTTT Control

macOS IFTTT Control – macOS IFTTT Control is a free, open source service for macOS that allows users to perform tasks and automate processes on their Macs in conjunction with different services using IFTTT.

With macOS IFTTT Control you don't need to worry about installing web servers on your Mac or having to configure port forwarding on your router or get a dedicated IP address, since macOS IFTTT Control uses the power of DropBox to work, which makes macOS IFTTT Control capable of working on any Mac with an internet connection.


IFTTT Applets

We provide some pre-made applets on our website but you can make your own applets using almost everything services available in IFTTT, giving you the possibility to automate your Mac.

Webhooks Events

You want to trigger an applet? macOS IFTTT Control support Webhooks events, when an event it's invoked using macOS IFTTT Control, the registered Webhook for that event will be triggered.

Voice Control with your Favourite Assistant

The reason why I created this project. Now you can control your Mac using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or even Cortana. Sleep your Mac, Change the volume and much more using only your voice.

Use Pre-Made Applets and Make your own Applets

You can start using macOS IFTTT Control today using our pre-made applets or you can create your own applets by checking our documentation here.

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