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.NET build actions for strider.

Calls msbuild on a project or solution file. If none is specified in configuration, msbuild will attempt to build a file ending in "proj". If none (or more than one) exists in the root directory, the build will fail.

There is configuration in the plugin to select the version of msbuild to use to build the project. Prior to Visual Studio 2013, msbuild was bundled with certain versions of .NET. Going forward, Microsoft says that it will be bundled with Visual Studio. It also supports just using the msbuild that is already in the path. The build will fail if the selected version of .NET is not installed on the build agent.

You can specify a CPU architecure (Any CPU, x86, x64, ARM), and one or more targets to execute (most of the time this is Build or Rebuild).

You can pass as many custom parameters to msbuild as you need to.

NuGet packages

It will get the latest version of nuget.exe from in order to restore nuget packages. This means that your solution doesn't need NuGet Package Restore, but if it does, disable this feature of the plugin for your project. You can also specify custom package sources to pull from, in case you use a private nuget feed (or want to consume packages from a network share drive).

Assembly Versioning

This feature allows strider to modify your assembly or application's version numbers before compiling. Although you can configure the action for all three attributes (AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, AssemblyInformationalVersion), unless the attribute is physically present in the file being patched, the value will not be set. You can specify a bash-like pattern to find the files that contain your AssemblyVersion attributes. If you're struggling with syntax, the module used is glob.

Colorized output

Since there is no way to force msbuild to colorize its output, I've written an msbuild logger for strider. This is included in this project as an optional dependency. That way, if your strider instance can't build this file for some strange reason, strider-dot-net will fallback to black and white output.

You can follow its progress at


.NET build actions for strider







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