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The version 5 is here ! See The roadmap

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AbeCMS is your new CMS with revolutionary self-descriptive templates

When creating blogs becomes as easy as 1-2-3. AbeCMS is an API first + static site generator with a great back-office for users.

For agencies: Go 12X faster than with Wordpress or Drupal to create websites and blogs For devs: A js full stack framework for js full stack devs with extensibility and efficiency in mind

  • Markup your html templates with specific tags, and your back-office is ready to go: It's time to contribute for your users!
  • Add a complete workflow of validation and permissions with ease, using the state of the art oAuth2 stack.
  • Deploy automagically to Surge, AWS S3,, or any web server via SFTP
  • Create multi-languages, multi-locales, complex web structures in no time
  • Add plugins like abe-algolia, abe-elasticsearch... or create your own with just js skill

From template abification to publication example


  • Being the easiest CMS on the planet for the developpers by providing 1 clear api stack to rule them all and using a html markup usable by non-devs to create a full website:
    • Develop your HTML templates with hot reload and see changes in real time
    • Develop your plugins with hot reload and see also changes in real time
    • Directory-based URLs. Create directories and subdirectories in AbeCMS, the URL page will be expressed from its spot on the filesystem.
    • Focus on your HTML integration, dynamizing it becomes a breeze with AbeCMS
  • Being the easiest CMS on the planet for the users by using hyper clean pages and A REAL wysiwyg editor fast and easy to use:
    • One Dashboard for your analytics
    • One Manager page for listing and searching all your posts
    • One editor with a REAL wysiwyg of your post
    • One page for managing your users and their authorizations
    • THAT'S ALL !
  • Being content focused (the C in CMS):
    • Data are created as JSON documents
    • An API-first Server to serve your documents as json
    • Or a static website generator
    • Or both !

Why use AbeCMS instead of other CMS or Static Site Generators ?

  • Designed for users
  • A real Wysiwyg Editor
  • A real workflow and authorization engine based on oAuth2
  • Auto-generation of the back-office editor based on your markup
  • Live editing on each part of your site during development dramatically increasing the dev speed
  • A strong separation of data and templates making the reuse of data a breeze
  • A API-first REST server: You create html pages and can consume data for your mobile, emails or whatever

Some sites built with AbeCMS

If you want us to add your sites, submit a PR of this README.

Recipes, plugins, blogs

We have created recipes which are how-to's on specific subjects. If you wan't us to add your recipes, just send us a PR of this README:





Deploy your own Abe demo on Heroku


Getting started


$ npm install -g abecms


  1. abe init : It launches a wizard to help you create your website
  2. cd my-website
  3. abe serve -i : launch your website (by default on port 3000)

See the documentation below for details

Complete documentation

First steps

Template designer references

Template cms admin

Template plugin developer

Support / Contributing

coming soon


To launch the Abe server from source :

ROOT=/you/absolute/path/to/an/abe/website node src/tasks/nodemon.js

To launch the Abe command line from source (ie. launch the init command):

./node_modules/.bin/babel-node --presets @babel/preset-env src/index.js init


See the complete roadmap