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Foundations of Data Science training course
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Data Science Fundamentals (DS1): Training Resources

General Notes


Useful Resources

Projects and Homeworks

  • Please create a GitHub account (if you haven't already) and upload your own work on homeworks using a friendly structure/navigation. Your notebooks must be readable (markdown cells and code comments).
  • Please provide a project proposal (one page) by February 18, 2017 (one per group). State the problem, data source(s), expected output and list group members. Projects will be presented in a special session one week from the last session.

Sessions 7 and 8, project presentations

  • Session 7 will be March 1st (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM and session 8 on Saturday March 4th at 8:00 AM.
  • Project presentations: March 18th.

Applied Data Science (next course)

  • All trainees who complete this course and present their projects are allowed to enroll
  • Other candidates must demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills through an assessment
  • More information about next course (part 2) in the Applied Data Science section.

Last updated: May 14, 2017

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