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The source code of my page containing list of my projects.

How to add new project to the index page (quick and dirty):

- [newProjectName - One sentece description](

How to add new project to the index page (the right way):

jekyll serve

  • open in text editor page and add new entry in format:
- [newProjectName - One sentece description](

from that point on every change in the source of the project will cause re-generation of the page

  • follow the steps in How to add new post and create new post presenting short descriptin of the new application
  • open browser at: and check if your changes were correct
  • when your are happy with result commit changes to github and go to

How to add new page:

  • got to project folder
  • create new file with extension .md for example
  • at the beginning of the file enter:
layout: page
title: Projects

the rest of the content of the file must be in GitHub Flavored Markdown

How to add new post: