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This project is no longer under active development

Accession Build Status

A Clojure library for redis (current version 0.1.1)


Simply add Accession to your leiningen project file:

[accession "0.1.1"]

But i'm using clojure 1.x because it is stable. I don't want to use 1.4-alpha2!

That's ok. If you are using Clojure 1.2.1 or higher you shouldn't have any issues. You can tell leiningen not to pull 1.4.0-alpha2 into your project using the :exclusions feature:

[accession "0.1.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]


Accession is used just like you would use redis from the command line. All available redis commands will be implemented. For a list of currently implemented commands see core.clj. The example below demonstrates standard usage:

;; Make sure to alias accession.core since several clojure.core
;; functions are replaced
(require '[accession.core :as redis])
;; Create a connection map
(def c (redis/connection-map {}))
;; Use the connection to run commands against redis
(redis/with-connection c (redis/set "foo" "some value"))
-> "OK"
(redis/with-connection c (redis/get "foo"))
-> "some value"
;; When you run multiple queries, accession will assume
;; pipelining. This behavior is subject to change.
(redis/with-connection c
    (redis/rpush "children" "A")
    (redis/rpush "children" "B")
    (redis/rpush "children" "C"))
-> (1 2 3)

;; You can use the Redis pub/sub features 
(def channel (redis/subscribe c {"bar" (fn [x] (prn x))}))
-> ("subscribe" "bar" 1)

;; and afterwards add more consumers to the channel
(redis/subscribe channel {"baz" #(prn %)})
-> ("subscribe" "baz" 2)

;; You can send messages like so
(redis/with-connection c (redis/publish "bar" "Hello bar") 
                         (redis/publish "baz" "Hello baz"))
-> ("message" "bar" "Hello bar")
   ("message" "baz" "Hello baz")

;; Again, this API is subject to change.

This library is targeted at Redis 2.0+. If you are using an older version of Redis or are using a version of Clojure earlier than 1.3.0, you may have better luck with redis-clojure.


Marginalia generated documentation can be found at


Brenton Ashworth

Michael Fogus

Sebastián Galkin


Copyright (C) 2011 Aaron Bedra

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. For further details, visit the license file