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FAIR Notebook

This project is an attempt to create a simple notebook that can be used to perform risk assessments using the FAIR Framework.


You need to install R and some supporting packages. The following instructions for MacOS will make sure you have the necessary requirements. If you are working on another operating system and need help installing packages please file an issue. If you would like to contribute steps for another operating system please submit a pull request.

$ brew tap homebrew/science
$ brew install R
$ brew install zmq
$ sudo pip install jupyter

Next you will need to install some packages for R.

$ Rscript setup.R

Creating a New Study

To create a new study, run the script and follow the instructions. It will create a new study for you in the studies folder.

Fill in the Notebook

Launch jupyter from your study directory:

jupyter notebook --port 9999

and open the notebook file RiskStudy.ipynb. Answer the questions in as much detail as possible and make sure to provide as much detail and rationale as possible. When you look back at these studies at a later date you will thank yourself for this. At each step, make sure to execute the cell so that the values are available for later calculation. The loss tolerance values should accurately reflect your organization, so make sure to review them prior to the start of your study to be certain. When your study is complete and you have your risk range, make sure to fill in any risk treatments that apply.


A Jupyter Notebook for Running Basic FAIR Analysis




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